New “HYPE” Beat Port

We already have great new this week, referring to electronic music, techno culture…

The new EP by Carl Fons of Walkiria Records, called CAPSULE “The Album” was positioned on the November Techno HYPE lists, at the Beatport digital store.

For two months, Carl Fons had in thought this new work, hard and intense to create 10 tracks in record time putting on his side, the best creativity, as far as techno is concerned, these 10 “tracks” are differentiated by name “Part” 1,2,3 .. so on until all 10 are completed, all contain sounds, dark, sub-bass quality and some of them a marked “kick”, in which at 2 seconds of the track you can identify the style.

Among them, some also contain minimal sounds. They also provide their own style with a linear techno. Fantastically it can be used with “loops” to 3 and 4 tracks quietly, the average of the “tracks” are at 130 bpm at point 0 of the “Pitch”.

Carl Fons, already tested his themes at the last event at Salafònica Reloaded in Muro and at Noise Club de Palma. And seen the results, the reaction of the public are very favorable on track.

You can now purchase the purchase of this EP called “CAPSULE” The Album of the Walkiria Records label, a 100% Techno recommended Spanish label.

CAPSULE for € 10.79

Includes: 10 Tracks

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