That’s the new Ep “Doy Mandanga” and Remixes artists

Ready the new EP on Tentaculos Records, Carl Fons “Doy Mandanga” the new track on the way of electronic music, includes the remixes of Jey Di and Skooner.

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New Ep on Neu Gravity Records “Melamina”

All ready the new EP of Carl Fons named “Melamina” techno and minimal techno track on Neu Gravity Records, available on Beatport.

Intenst underground melodies and Grow Bass

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“First Level Remix” by Manu Santos Ready from this week

Available the first remix of Manu Santos from the track “First Level” of Carl Fons, one of the best promise of the end of this year on the Manu Santos Career, on Zarabunda Records, one of the most famous melody of Mario Bros Sounds from the typical play.

Available on the digital shops exclusive on Beatport, Spotify and iTunes.

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“Bones Supplement” the new Ep from Carl Fons on Zarabunda Records

That’s days available the new Ep “Bones Supplement” includes 2 tracks Techno and Minimal Tech, exclusive on Beatport digital music shop, and 49 more shops.

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New Remix to Sergio Helou feat. Lokka (If you love me)

Ready my new remix to Sergio Helou feat. Lokka on the collection, we work like a team, creating conection with us and taking this wonderfulls tracks, this name it “If you love me” . Ready on digital music shops like Traxsouce and Spotify.

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The new track “Eclipse” Progressive House

The new Carl Fons track name “Eclipse” exclusive on digital music shops, only Zarabunda Rercords take your copy, House progressive style.

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The new Radio online station “Zarabunda Tech”

After the Level 69 program broadcast on Saturdays from 8:00 p.m. We will also share a new digital trajectory on the networks, with the live radio program “Zarabunda Tech” On radio X web from Lima (Peru) with an audience of more than 50,000 people, a program directed and mixed live by Carl Fons.

Where we will present all the news and new tracks of our producers for the whole world. Every Saturday from 10:00 p.m. in Spain. Don’t forget to tune in to the radio at

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“Africa” the new single on Feynman Records

Ready on the digital music shops, Carl Fons present Africa, the new Techouse track, on Feynman Records Label, exclusive on the Album “Techouse and House Essentials Vol. 1” avaylable on Beatport.

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New program in “Radio X Web” connection from Spain to Lima

Proud to be part of this new stage since season 17 of, a digital station with a large audience of more than 30,000 followers, where music of all styles plays non-stop for 24 hours.

This time I will have my radio hour in my program called “Level 69” where songs will be played live, mixed and presented by Carl Fons, with special guests, contributing our Balearic sound troque.

Electronics in its purest form. House, Techouse and Techno.
Program that will broadcast every Saturday at 8:00, Spanish time or 1:00 from Peru and throughout America.

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“Apocalipsys” The techouse Track

Very soon coming out my newest techouse music track, named “Apocalipsys” in Sonambulos Music Label, dark expression and hard bass with mixed sounds and voice.

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First Remix Hit Segio Helou feat. Lokka “Lover” Carl Fons Remix

Newest Carl Fons remix about Sergio Helou feat. Lokka “Lover” all ready on the digital music stores like beatport. On Beira Mar Records

A melodic track with organ house and little piano, the perfect fusion. Includes Kike Gonzalez remixes on actually works on the firts positions on a WTTW (Wellcome to the weekend Label)

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The “Divine” history continue…

Some weeks ago, i created this track named “Divine” with passion, energy and happiness for one of the most important label from my carrier, where actually have more than 5000 plays in a week, just say special thanks to Benjamin and the MMD Label team.

Where actually works some important artists like, Sergio Helou and Skooner dj, National and international djs, put in a little things on this theme with remixes, includes to a Breaks Remix of myself and a special Stardust track. Take your copy on beatport.

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“Neu Gravity” The techno Turkey lab, presents “La Presa”

Some weeks ago made this techno track with peak techno style, with good base, named “La Presa” includes the Remix by Ivan Casero from Madrid, (Spain) here the fusion of nice techno.

Available on the beatport digital music shop.

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“The Circus” new Techno EP release with Zarabunda Records

Again techno music continues my artistic path keeping the musical rhythm, creating tracks, joining albums, transmitting sensations. Now available in digital music stores my new EP called “The circus”

Take your copy exclusive on beatport! And Enjoy!

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“Piccola” on MMD This is House Music!

Next 17/08 coming soon the new Carl Fons Track on Marivent Music Digital Label, “Piccola” with a house track New York classics style with warm sounds.

Reserve your copy in digital music stores like Traxsource. Take it and enjoy!!

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Ready my first “EP” with Moovee Records, named “BRENX”,

Two minimal tech tracks, with metallic fx’s and big bass. Avaylable on digital music stores like beatport, traxsource, spotify


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New release, “SPICES MMXX” 10 tracks of Techno

Exclusively, 10 techno tracks where you can combine them in your sets, metallic sounds, marked subwoofers and envelopes, already available in digital music stores as beatport at the following link:

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All Carl Fons labels finally signed till 2020

My references as a producer today, are many from 2015, and referring to the styles, practically most, they are all for sale, thanking the record labels to this day signed where I have had a very professional treatment and special.

Where I have met great producers and people very dedicated to this world of music, where we have made ties and have tried in some more personal way and many more things, not only with music.

carl fons labels

I find and continue to believe that music unites us borders and with them we maintain the spirit and the state of good attitude. Hopefully it will always be like this for life. Don’t stop the music and producing hard!

Thank you.


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Acid EP, the most new on “Tentáculos Records label”

It is ready, the launch of something very select, attractive and in turn innovative, the new ep of the label “Tentáculos Records” with two songs in the purest minimal style. Metallic and millimeter sounds within a bpm.

Get your copy now in digital stores like beatport, traxsource, iTunes, etc …

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Balearic House Music “Aurea” the new track on Sonámbulos Records

Happy to be able to work in this great family of professional Sonámbulos music, bringing my new golden theme where you can find it already in digital electronic music stores such as traxsource, among others.

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Carl Fons present “Divine” The new promo with MMD Records

The new promo by Carl Fons is here, entitled “Divine”, a house theme with metallic and magical sounds, mixed with a well-known classical organ, accompanied by soft rhythms and good bass and sexy sax.

This release by Marivent Music Digital (MMD) in digital stores like traxsource and others.

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Ya a la venta!!! El remix de Danna Rouse “No quiero llorar” por Carl Fons

Notición ya a la venta el sigle remix de Danna Rouse la canción de “No quiero llorar” remezclado por Carl Fons, un tema afro-house muy melódico donde no pararás de bailar y sonará en todo lugar donde vayas!!

Ya disponible por Survivor Records en beatport, traxsource, iTunes, Spotify, deezer etc.!! No te quedes sin tu copia!!


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Cardina Records, the album, with the best of my tracks

Cardina records, lanced a album with all my best tracks on this label. In actually from the past months, take your copy 10 tracks for enjoy in your dj sets of techouse music. Music stores like beatport, traxsource.

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New single, “El Hombre y la Tierra” Cardina Records

Available the new track with Cardina Records, in memory of Felix Rodríguez, an actor known in the Hispanic area for his programs dedicated to nature, a song keeping the essence of that program, this time with a more electronic touch.

Available in digital stores as beatport or traxsource.

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Danna Rouse, the new Carl Fons remix, exclusive on Survivor Records

Very short, next July 1, in the middle of summer, Danna Rouse’s new remix titled “No quiero llorar”, released by Carl Fons, will be released through Survivor Records, at pure Afro-house rhythm, with much Caribbean sound, where you will enjoy dancing.

It will be available in digital stores like beatport, spotify, itunes music. etc.


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Proud to have my next song on Sonambulos Records

A satisfaction and a goal to be in Sonambulos records, next July 6, 2020, the first track techouse, very fresh with some voices. Great musical quality, Iberian style. Name it “Aurea” more information very soon.

Special thanks to the Sonambulos Records label people.


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This next 15th of June, New EP from Skooner, included new Remix

“See you cat” that’s the new EP from Skooner dj, included the new remix from Carl Fons. Energetic techouse, the EP’s names “2020” in the Blackturtle Records.

Remember next 15th of June on your favorite digital music stores like beatport.


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First track on “Tentáculos Records”on the next 10th of July “ACID EP”

Exited to stay on the next music label, my first ep on “Tentáculos Records” new “EP” nominated ACID.

Spanish label where can found a good quality techno and techouse tracks from national and international djs. Take the date next 10th of July.

Will be avaylable on the digital music stores like beatport, traxsource, apple music… etc.

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New single “Modular Sense” on Survivor Records

Ready my new single techno music “Modular Sense” psychedelic line melodies. Something evolving in yourself, Listen & Buy on the digital music stores, on Survivor Records Label.

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New Podcast “PURE HOUSE VOL.5”

Now avaylable the new podcast by Carl Fons, session mixed digital and analog, simultaneous, listen and enjoy it on the following soundcloud and mixcloud links.

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Ready the new ep with Skooner “My Coffee” by Cardina Records

All ready new realease, my new Remix with dj Skooner, “My Coffie” on digital stores of music, like beatport, traxsource, itunes music, spotify… Get your copy and enjoy!.

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New remix with my artist friend Skooner for Chic Records label

Here the new two remixes for dj Skooner, where actually we working on some tracks for a different labels, this time is for Chic Records Label, the spanish house label. That remix are with the house new york style, for enjoy it!! Take you copy on digital music stores like beatport, traxsoure, itunes music or spotify.

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New ep release, “Be Turtle Odp” by Black Turtle Records, various artists

On next 27 May, in the new Black Turtle records album, various artists, included the track “Kalibera” an other new from Carl Fons. Melodic Techno.

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New Release “Columbus” Spice Techouse by Cardina Records

Good hear about this Techouse track energy, spice, no less it, promove that new releaGood hear about this Techouse track, energy, spice, no less it, promote that new release by Cardina Records, reserve it on the digital stores like Beatport, Traxsource, itunes Music …

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New Remix to dj Skooner “Un dancing”

Present the new techouse remix by Carl Fons to the theme of Skooner “Un Dancing” on Cardina Records Label, available on the digital music stores like beatport, traxsource, itunes… etc. Take your copy and enjoy!!

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New “Ep” Tagliatelle with Chic Recordings

New “Ep” with 2 House tracks, market bass, London style, “Tagliatelle” and “Call Center” listen and buy your copy on digital stores like, beatport, traxsource, apple music, soundeo… etc.

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New single by Cardina Records “Papyrus”

Continue the Carl Fons new releases, now present the new single “Papyrus” a Techouse tracks, with melodies and much color, listen & buy on the digital stores, like beatport, traxsource… etc

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Carl Fons, 1 album with 3 tracks, and 5 new singles, in 15 days, on diferents labels

In this dificult times for the humans, I was sit down on my studio and work hard for take this results. More than 8 hours a day with the music. I’m happy for that.

One more remix from Skooner, name it “Telequinesis” from the Walkiria Label, Techno

And other one name it “Voltage” Original from myself, Techno music

New Album by the label Feyman Records album “Chandrasekhar” with the tracks “Pegasus” “Africa
and “Linkxis” Tech and deep-tech tracks

New single on Skull Label with the track “Mattsuri” Hard techno Label

And 2 singles from Survivor Records label, “Nu School” Tech-house and “Liberity” Progressive House

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Present my new releasae “CHANDRASEKHAR EP” by Feynman Records

In these difficult days, what better than to get something new for your ears, my new release on Feynman Records is here, it includes a tech-house theme another deep techno and melodic techno. Listen & buy. Available in digital stores.

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New Track for Hungary the new International step

Happy for arrive to put my first step on the city of Hard Techno Budapest, Ready to firm Carl Fons with the Skull Music the label from Hungary, Next new Release will get on 08.05.2020.

That’s an important step for me, the place where can listen to me more positive people in this world of real techno music. Enjoy it!!

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It’s a pleasure to be born on this island, Mallorca, where we have the good luck that we work for all the clubs and discos, for a long time since more than 25 years.

We are DJs playing music in most of the clubs on the island making them dance thousands and thousands of people, we already know each other

And we can make this amazing video remember for never forget it! that’s it! All this in front more hard to the terrible pandemia.

Thank you guys!

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Sergio Helou & Friends Carl Fons House Set

Thank you for the support to Sergio Helou with this propose of set about him friends. In the radio “Bellavista Radio” and “Love 4 House” Listened all the world and specially in Spain and Argentina.

Now press play and listen a good House set by Carl Fons

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New EP “Set About” by Ivan Casero & Carl Fons remix

From today, is ready the new track “Set About” by Ivan Casero, incluides Carl Fons remix, pure melodic techno. All with the important label, Black Turtle Records “BTR”

All ready FeedBacks//

Richie hawtin – downloaded for r hawtin

zeus lopez – top

Warum Weiss – Dreamy and rich sounding

DJ Tony Suárez – Gran pegada y fantásticos synths

Steve S. – Nice!!!!!

Eddy Malano – Nice thanks

luisarmando .- thanksss


Marco Caetano – Download for Marco Caetano

Maxime Groove – Really like it!

Franco Paulsen – Great release, downloaded thx

Marco carola – downloading for Marco Carola, thanks

Nando olmedo – gran trabajo

KraftSiK-519 Dj – fat sound

Listen & Buy the original track on the digital music stores like Beatport!!

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New EP “Robótico” By Skooner & Carl Fons Remix

Atention on the next 17th , will have the new release of Dj Skooner and Carl Fons Remix, by Blasa Records.

This pair of artists make a lot of nice quality Ep and tracks for the digital electronic music industry.

When de combinations are enof for make people to dance, that’s the results. Listen & Reserve your copy on digitals shops like beatport. And enjoy!

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“Arco Iris” the new single

Nothing stop me now about this dificult times, from my studio, make sounds better of other thinks, here you have my next deep house single, name it “Arco Iris” from My deep Music label.

Enjoy the melodie and listen high. Listen & buy on the next digital plattform.

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15th April New Release on Black Turtle Records

Next Release on Beatport, next date at April 15Th.

Ivan Casero – Set About incluited the Carl Fons Dj Remix. Pure techno tracks, buy & enjoy it!!! Visit the SoundCloud and YouTube previews on the official website.


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@BCM Planet Dance Summer 2005

Here you have a memory of my visit to one of the most important nightclubs in Europe, in those times of 2005. BCM Planet Dance, in Magalluf (Mallorca). A Nightclub where for more than 20 years the best deejays in the world have played, and that night of the hot summer, we had a performance with Mc ‘Rakaya & Amadeus Bah and a server, in front of almost 2000 people, Dancing my music. Attached link of my session. I hope you enjoy it!!

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